Conference Notebook
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“Conference Notebook,” Friend, September 2021

Conference Notebook

Friend Magazine, Global 2021/09 Sep

General conference is right around the corner! We get to listen to a prophet of God. Do these activities while you listen to the prophet and the other speakers.

Listen with Your Heart

When you hear the words Holy Ghost or Spirit, draw a heart in this space. When you hear the word listen, draw a smiley face.

Conference Coloring

Listen for the words below as you watch conference. Color part of the picture as you hear each word.

  • Jesus Christ

  • Prophets

  • Scriptures

Four in a Row

When you hear someone talk about one of these things, put a marker (like a button or a pebble) on the square. Can you fill out a whole row? What about the whole box?

Illustrations by Adam Koford