Dear Friends
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“Dear Friends,” Friend, September 2021

Dear Friends,

Friend Magazine, Global 2021/09 Sep

Have you ever felt worried or upset during a storm, a sickness, or an argument? Jesus knows how you feel, and He can help you! On page 3 you can read about how Jesus calmed a big storm and do an activity to help you feel peace.

On page 23, you can learn a beautiful song called “Peace in Christ.”

With love,

The Friend

P.S. Please write and tell us how you feel peace.

Where We Read the Friend

Milfred and Alfred W., ages 7 and 4, read the Friend in English in Kampala, Uganda.

I Love to See the Temple

Logan A., age 10, visited the Montreal Quebec Temple.

Scripture Rock Art!

For home evening, we made three scripture rock-art scenes. We had fun learning the scripture story about the brother of Jared (Nov. 2020)!

James and Séfora W., ages 6 and 5, Navarre, Spain