Scripture Time Fun
May 2021

“Scripture Time Fun,” Friend, May 2021

Come, Follow Me

Scripture Time Fun

These ideas go along with Come, Follow Me—for Individuals and Families each week.

boy reading from card

Stand in Holy Places

For Doctrine and Covenants 45

  • Sing “Choose the Right Way” (Children’s Songbook, 160).

  • Jesus Christ taught that we should “stand in holy places” (Doctrine and Covenants 45:32). A holy place can be anywhere we have the Holy Ghost with us.

  • With your family, list some things that help you stand in holy places, like being kind or praying. How do those things prepare us for Jesus Christ’s coming? Stick the list somewhere you’ll see it often.

ballet shoes, paint, guitar

Talent Time

For Doctrine and Covenants 46–48

  • Sing “I’m Trying to Be like Jesus” (Children’s Songbook, 78–79).

  • Heavenly Father gave each of us spiritual gifts (see Doctrine and Covenants 46:11–26). That means He gave us special talents. Everyone is unique and important to Heavenly Father!

  • Think about what gifts you have. Then put on a family talent show! Share the gifts Heavenly Father has given you with others.

girl holding flashlight

Follow the Light

For Doctrine and Covenants 49–50

  • Sing “Teach Me to Walk in the Light” (Children’s Songbook, 177).

  • Jesus Christ taught, “That which is of God is light” (Doctrine and Covenants 50:24). The gospel is like a light that leads us out of darkness and confusion.

  • Hide an item in a dark room and try to find it. Then look again with a flashlight or small lamp. How does the gospel help you find your way?

girl holding purse

Be Honest!

For Doctrine and Covenants 51–57

  • Sing “Do What Is Right” (Hymns, no. 237).

  • Jesus taught that we should “deal honestly” with each other (Doctrine and Covenants 51:9). That means telling the truth and being fair with others.

  • Come up with situations you might face in everyday life—like finding money that someone lost or losing something you borrowed. Act out what you would do to “deal honestly.”

child writing in journal

Thankful Journals

For Doctrine and Covenants 58–59

  • Sing “I Thank Thee, Dear Father” (Children’s Songbook, 7).

  • Jesus taught, “Thou shalt thank the Lord thy God in all things” (Doctrine and Covenants 59:7).

  • Make thankful journals with your family! Fold pieces of paper together like a book and decorate the cover. Every night before you go to sleep, write or draw three things you are grateful for.