Dear Friends

“Dear Friends,” Friend, May 2021

Dear Friends,

Friend Magazine, Global 2021/05 May

Heavenly Father speaks to us through His prophets. And last month, we got to hear from the prophets and apostles at general conference! The words we hear at conference are important for all of us. They tell us how to become more like Jesus Christ.

What was your favorite part of conference? Go to pages 2–7 to remember some of the great messages that were shared during conference!


The Friend


Who Am I?

We played the “Who Am I?” game (June 2020) and loved it! Thank you for fun games and good stories! We also like to listen to the Friend audio stories while we eat. It helps us have the Spirit in our home.

Valentine and Juliet P., ages 4 and 6, Arizona, USA

Marcelo and Alejandro

Where We Read the Friend

Brothers Marcelo and Alejandro A., ages 6 and 3, read the Friend in Spanish in Nuevo León, Mexico!


We Love to See the Temple

Lars, Maren, and Livia B., ages 6, 11, and 3, visited the St. Paul Minnesota Temple.