Conference Show and Tell
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“Conference Show and Tell,” Friend, May 2021

Conference Show and Tell

The Esquillo Family

Dane, Drew, Dantley, and Denver E., ages 9, 6, 8, and 11, Laguna, Philippines, wrote down important words they heard and drew pictures to go with them.

Young Girl

I love to hear the prophet. Hearing the music makes me happy!

Camila A., age 10, Santiago, Chile

Young Girl

I really liked Sister Aburto’s talk. It helped me know that families are forever and that life doesn’t end when we die.

Lucy D. age 11, Wiltshire, England

Young Girl

I felt the Spirit when I heard President Nelson say all things are possible through faith. I loved the Primary songs and sang along!

Ayana O., age 9, Nairobi, Kenya


We like general conference because we can see the prophet and apostles and hear their stories.

Andry and Aro R., ages 9 and 7, Gauteng, South Africa

Young Boy

We ate a yummy breakfast and played conference bingo. We had fun and felt the Spirit.

Drake R., age 10, Alberta, Canada


My favorite part of conference was when the prophet announced many new temples for families to be sealed forever.

Seth L., age 11, Rewa Province, Fiji

Young Boy

I played conference bingo!

Joshua B., age 4, Missouri, USA

Children's Art

Raegan A., age 10, Texas, USA

Children's Art

Ezra A., age 8, Virginia, USA

Children's Art

Franco L., age 8, Huánuco, Peru

Children's Art

Ella H., age 11, California, USA

Quick Family Children

Lexi, Kylee, and Braden Q., ages 4, 10, and 7, Virginia, USA