Conference News

“Conference News,” Friend, May 2021

Conference News

Friend Magazine, Global 2021/05 May

Children’s Choirs

Primary children from South Korea sang “I Love to See the Temple.” Women and children from around the world also sang “I Am a Child of God.”

Temple Math

President Nelson announced 20 new temples in 11 countries!

  • 168 dedicated +

  • 35 under construction +

  • 28 already announced +

  • 20 just announced

  • =

  • ___________ total temples

New Primary Presidency

A new Primary General Presidency was sustained on Saturday afternoon:

  • Sister Camille N. Johnson, President

  • Sister Susan H. Porter, First Counselor

  • Sister Amy Wright, Second Counselor

Testimonies around the Globe

In the Sunday morning session, we heard speakers from every continent except Antarctica! What continent do you live on?

Conference Quotes