A Birthday Crown

“A Birthday Crown,” Friend, May 2021

A Birthday Crown

The author lives in Colorado, USA.


“I’m home!” Daddy called. He was home early for Wyatt’s birthday. Wyatt turned five today!

Wyatt ran to him. Daddy gave him a big hug. “After lunch, you and I will go to the park,” Daddy said.

“Just us?” Wyatt asked. He loved his mom and his little sister, Maria, but sometimes he wanted to do things with just Daddy.

“Just us,” Daddy said.

Mommy made a lunch with all of Wyatt’s favorites. She also made a crown out of gold paper and glitter.

“Is that for me?” Wyatt asked, eyes wide.

“It is,” Mommy said.

It was a special birthday!


Wyatt wore the crown to the park. It kept slipping off his head, but he didn’t mind. “Daddy, does my birthday crown make me special?” he asked.

Daddy smiled. “A birthday crown is fun, but it’s not what makes you special. You are special because you are a child of God! And so is everyone else. That means everyone is special too.”

Daddy and Wyatt played on the playground. Wyatt went down the slide.

“Do you think I can go down the slide too?” Daddy asked.

Wyatt giggled. “You’re too big.”


Wyatt climbed up the ladder to go down the slide again. A girl was in front of him. She was afraid to go down. Wyatt thought about how everyone was special to Heavenly Father.

“You can do it!” he said.

She slid down the slide. So did Wyatt.

“Good job!” Wyatt said. She smiled at him, and he smiled back.

Being kind made Wyatt happy! He knew everyone was special, whether they had a birthday crown or not.