Sam Beazley

“Sam Beazley,” Friend, May 2021

Pioneers in Every Land

Sam Beazley

Labour Missionary in New Zealand

The authors live in Waikato, New Zealand, and Utah, USA.

Sam knew he was doing God’s work.

New Zealand

Sam carried an armful of planks to the construction site and set them down. At the moment, there were only wooden beams standing. But soon the planks and beams would become a building. Sam couldn’t think of a better way to spend his Saturday than to help build a brand-new chapel!

Sam liked building things. Sometimes it was hard for him, though. When he was a boy, his hands were badly hurt in an accident. Even now, when Sam was grown up, his fingers were still stiff. Sometimes it was hard to pick things up or hold tools.

Carefully Sam picked up his hammer. He had to try harder than some of the other workers, but he didn’t mind. He just wanted to help. He knew he was doing God’s work. And if he was doing God’s work, surely God would help him!

Sam was busy working when he heard someone come up behind him. “That is good work you are doing,” the person said.

Sam turned. It was Elder Biesinger! He was a Church leader who was helping to organise building projects in New Zealand.

“Thank you,” Sam said.

Elder Biesinger smiled. “How would you like to be a labour missionary? Right now missionaries are working to help build a Church school for teenagers. We need more helpers, and I think you’d do a great job.”

“I would love to,” said Sam. He couldn’t wait to serve the Lord as a missionary!

By Monday morning, Sam was an official labour missionary. He helped pour cement at a factory to make heavy blocks. The blocks were used to help build the school. Some of them were even used to build the Hamilton New Zealand Temple!

Day after day, year after year, Sam worked hard. He always did his best. Eventually, Sam was asked to be in charge of the brick factory. He led the other labour missionaries in their duties and made sure their work was done well.

Sam had fun too! He and the other missionaries sang songs together. Sometimes they performed their music to encourage others to come and help. Whether Sam was building, singing, or getting to know someone new, God helped him do good work.

Years later, Sam was called on another mission. But this one was different. He would not be using his hands to build things. Instead, he would be using them to help people inside the temple—the same temple he had helped build!

As Sam stood inside the temple in his white clothes, he felt peace. He was grateful for all the good things God had helped his hands to do.

New Zealand is an island nation in the South Pacific Ocean.

The Hamilton New Zealand Temple was the first temple built in the Southern Hemisphere.

More than 300 labour missionaries helped to build the temple.

As a boy, Sam helped take care of his family’s goats.

When he grew up, Sam also worked on the city council.

He also served a family history mission with his wife, Irene.

Friend Magazine, Global 2021/05 May
Friend Magazine, Global 2021/05 May