A Statue of Jesus

“A Statue of Jesus,” Friend, May 2021

A Statue of Jesus

The author lives in California, USA. This story took place in Brazil.

Friend Magazine, Global 2021/05 May

Mamãe, can we go see the Jesus statue at the visitors’ center today?

I want to go too!

Let’s wait until it stops raining.

Hours later …

Can’t we just get a little wet from the rain? We don’t mind!

OK! Let’s grab our raincoats.

I want to wear my Sunday clothes.

That’s a great idea!

Let’s hurry!

We’re almost there!

Bem vinda!

Can we see the statue of Jesus?

Of course! Follow me.

Look, Mamãe!

Jesus is our Savior. Imagine what it will be like when we see Him someday!

I can’t wait!