My Power to Choose
May 2021

“My Power to Choose,” Friend, May 2021

I Can Play It

My Power to Choose

Brightly [quarter note] = 112

sheet music

1. Before the world began, we gathered in a family.

And we shouted for joy as we chose the Father’s plan

Through the gift of agency.

2. I’m choosing every day to be the best that I can be.

As I learn for myself how to follow Jesus Christ,

I can feel Him guiding me.

3. And when I make a wrong choice, I know my Savior still loves me.

I will choose to repent and help others on their way.

I will use my agency!

Chorus: Agency means that I can choose

My path as a part of God’s plan.

The way I use my power to choose

Is shaping the person I am.