The Great Family Shoe Hunt

    “The Great Family Shoe Hunt,” Friend, October 2019

    The Great Family Shoe Hunt

    The author lives in Colorado, USA.

    Friend Magazine, 2019/10 Oct

    Illustrations by Mary Rojas

    The flood was bad. It washed away houses. Now some people didn’t have homes.

    Cameron wanted to help. But how?

    On Sunday, the Primary president said, “We’re collecting shoes for families who were in the flood.”

    That night, Cameron talked to Mom and Dad. “Can we look for shoes for home evening?”

    “Great idea!” Mom said.

    “We’ll call it the Great Family Shoe Hunt,” Dad said.

    At home evening, Dad said a prayer. “Dear Heavenly Father, we have been given so much. Help us to share.”

    Then the hunt began. Cameron ran to his room. His brother and sister ran to look for shoes too. Cameron looked in his closet. He found a pair of church shoes. Then he found a pair of tennis shoes. The shoes didn’t fit anymore. But they were still good shoes.

    Everyone came back to the living room. They had found five pairs of shoes to share!

    “Now let’s fix them up,” Mom said.

    They rubbed away spots. They polished. They put in new laces.

    The shoes looked almost new!

    On Sunday, Cameron’s family took the shoes to Primary.

    “Thank you!” the Primary president said. “When we help others, we are following Jesus.”

    She gave each child a small paper footprint. The footprint said “Following Jesus.”

    Cameron smiled. He liked following Jesus.