Family Night Fun

    “Family Night Fun,” Friend, October 2019

    Family Night Fun

    Here are some ideas you could use for home evening.

    girl holding a star

    Garden cup photo by Ashley Barnett

    Song: “Every Star Is Different” (Children’s Songbook, 142)

    Scripture: Ephesians 4:32


    • Read “I Don’t Want to Be Different!” (page 4). Talk about how God loves each one of us.

    • Give a paper and crayons to each family member. Have each person write their name at the bottom of the page and draw an outline of their head in the middle.

    • Have everyone pass their paper to the person next to them. Add something to the head—like eyes or hair—to look like the person whose name is on the paper. Then write something nice about them on the page.

    • Keep passing the papers, adding to the pictures and writing nice things, until everyone gets their own paper back. You can strengthen your family by being kind and seeing the best in each other! (See family manual, page 155.*)

    Garden Cups

    Fruit flowers

    Gummy worms

    Pudding and cookie crumbs

    More Ideas

    * Come, Follow Me—For Individuals and Families