For Older Kids

“For Older Kids,” Friend, October 2019

For Older Kids

Friend Magazine, 2019/10 Oct

Illustrations by Nicole Walkenhorst


Why did the cookie go to the doctor?

See answer below.

God’s Amazing World

Did you know?

  • Oceans cover about 70 percent of our planet.

  • Most of the plants and animals on earth live underwater.

  • There are mountains, volcanoes, canyons, lakes, rivers, and even waterfalls under the ocean’s surface.

Scripture Power

This year my family began studying the New Testament using the home-centered learning that President Nelson announced in conference. I am grateful for a living prophet who leads and directs our Church, and I am grateful for the opportunity to study the scriptures with my family each week.

Cannon A., age 10, Arizona, USA

Family History Fun

Draw a picture of one of your ancestors and put it in your journal.

Work Toward Your Dream!

Meliton Gonzalez Trejo wanted to help the Church, and he worked hard to make his dream come true (see page 32). What is something you want to do in life? It’s never too early to start working toward your dreams!

Art Challenge

Draw or paint a picture using only dots. (This style of art is called “pointillism”!) Londyn S., age 9, New Mexico, USA

Answer: Because he felt crummy!