What’s on Your Mind?

“What’s on Your Mind?” Friend, October 2019

What’s on Your Mind?

I saw a picture of a person without clothes on. It made me feel really weird. I’m not sure what to do. Help! —Unsure in Uniontown

Friend Magazine, 2019/10 Oct

Illustrations by Adobe Stock and Nicole Walkenhorst

Dear Unsure,

What you saw was probably pornography. Pornography means pictures, videos, or books that show people with little or no clothes on. You might hear some people call it porn. It is disrespectful of the bodies Heavenly Father gave us.

When you see something like that, you might feel curious. But don’t keep looking at it, because it isn’t good for you. Instead, talk to an adult you trust and tell them what you saw. They can help you understand the thoughts and feelings you had and help you stay safe in the future. The Holy Ghost can also help you know what isn’t good for you—and help you find things that are!

We love you!

The Friend

Cut out this TAG and keep it by your TV or computer.

If you see bad media, remember to TAG!

T— When you see media that is bad for you, turn away from it. Turn off the phone or TV, shut down the computer, close the book or magazine, or walk away.

A—Tell an adult you trust about what you saw and how it made you feel. They can answer your questions and help you stay safe.

G—Do something good to fill your mind with happy, healthy thoughts. You could sing a Primary song, draw a picture, or invite a friend to play. Remember that Heavenly Father loves you!