Frowns, Smiles, and Leaf Piles

    “Frowns, Smiles, and Leaf Piles,” Friend, October 2019

    Frowns, Smiles, and Leaf Piles

    The authors live in New Jersey and Utah, USA.

    sister and brother fighting then raking leaves together

    Illustrations by Garth Bruner

    Hey! Your half is bigger! I want that half!

    No, it’s mine! Eat your own.

    Mom, Tony isn’t sharing right!

    Erin’s trying to steal my cookie!

    It sounds like you two need something else to do.

    Please rake up all the leaves. But you’re not allowed to help each other. That’s the rule, OK?

    Good! I don’t want to help him.

    I don’t need your help!

    Ugh! My leaves won’t stay in the bag.

    This is taking a really long time.

    This is too hard to do alone.

    You’re right. It would be easier if we helped each other.

    Hey! You’re not supposed to help each other. Remember?

    But, Mom! Working alone is too hard.

    It’s better when we work together as a team.


    I’m sorry I yelled at you about the cookie.

    I’m sorry I made my piece bigger.

    From now on let’s be a team.

    Good idea!