Friends by Mail

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“Friends by Mail,” Friend, October 2019

Friends by Mail

Friend Magazine, 2019/10 Oct

Reading through Thunderstorms

I live where there are a lot of thunderstorms and heavy rain, which can be scary for me. Whenever a storm comes, I immediately grab the Friend magazine and begin reading it to help me feel better. I always feel the Holy Ghost when I read the Friend.

Danielle J., age 11, Virginia, USA

Coconut Ice!

Thank you for sharing the coconut ice recipe (Jan. 2019). After we read “The Ice-Candy Mission Fund,” we made some of our own popsicles. They were delicious! We had a family popsicle night and will be making them again soon!

David and Nelson C., ages 3 and 1, Alberta, Canada

A Better Person

I like reading the Friend. It makes me happy, and I can feel the Spirit in my heart. The Friend has helped me to be a better person.

Bianca C., age 9, New Mexico, USA

Dear Friends,

Have you ever seen someone being left out or bullied because they looked, talked, or believed differently? On page 2 President Oaks has a message about being nice to everyone, not only to people who are like us. Then turn to page 28 to see how children have been showing kindness, like Jesus Christ did!

We love you,

The Friend