Paul’s Missionary Journeys

    “Paul’s Missionary Journeys,” Friend, October 2019

    Scripture Stories

    Paul’s Missionary Journeys

    Illustrations by Apryl Stott

    the Apostle Paul traveling on a boat

    The Apostle Paul traveled to different lands to teach people about Jesus. There were no cars or airplanes back then, so he walked a lot! Sometimes he traveled by ship.

    Paul teaching people on a city street

    Paul taught people in churches and homes. He taught people on rocky hilltops and city streets.

    Paul looking at a bird from behind prison bars

    Many people didn’t like what Paul taught. Sometimes Paul got sent to prison. Sometimes Paul got sick.

    Paul walking down a pathway

    But through all these hard things, Paul had faith. He said, “I can do all things through Christ.” He knew Jesus would help him be strong.

    parents helping a girl ride her bike

    Jesus Christ can help me be strong too. He loves me, and I love Him!

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    Jesus Can Help Me Do Hard Things

    a child praying while a storm goes on outside