Service for Suzie

    “Service for Suzie,” Friend, May 2019

    Service for Suzie

    Friend Magazine, 2019/05 May

    Illustrations by Charles Lehman

    Ophélie and her family walked out of the church building together.

    “What an amazing general conference,” Papa said. “What was your favorite part, Ophélie?”

    “I like how President Nelson asked us to do acts of service,” Ophélie said. “I like helping people.”

    “I do too,” Maman said. “Let’s follow the prophet and look for ways we can help others.”

    A few days later, Ophélie and Papa visited their neighbor Suzie. Ophélie really liked Suzie. She had white hair and a big smile. She was like a bonus grandma!

    Suzie told them she was going to have eye surgery the next day. Ophélie was a little worried.

    “Will Suzie be OK?” she asked Papa while they walked home.

    “Yes,” Papa said. “She’s been having trouble seeing, and the surgery will help her see better. But she’ll need a few days for her eyes to heal.”

    Ophélie told Maman about Suzie’s surgery while they set the table for dinner.

    “Maybe we could do something to help her,” Ophélie said. “Like President Nelson said.”

    “Good idea. What could we do?” Maman asked.

    Ophélie thought about it. Ophélie’s family raked leaves in Suzie’s yard each fall. They shoveled her snow during the long Canadian winters. But now it was springtime. There wasn’t any snow. Or leaves. How could they help?

    During the prayer before dinner, Ophélie asked Heavenly Father to bless them to know how to help Suzie. Then Papa helped her scoop pâté chinois onto her plate.

    The delicious smell of the potatoes, vegetables, and ground beef made Ophélie’s mouth water. She took a bite. It was one of her favorite dinners. Especially because Maman always let her mash the potatoes! She loved helping Maman cook.

    Then Ophélie had an idea. “Maman, can we make dinner for Suzie tomorrow?”

    “Sure,” Maman said. “How about a tourtière?”

    “Great,” Ophélie said. “And we could make muffins too!”

    The next day, Ophélie and Papa carried a plate of meat pies and muffins outside. Ophélie spotted the beautiful purple flowers blooming in their garden. She picked some and held them together in a little bouquet. Then she and Papa walked to Suzie’s house.

    Ophélie knocked on Suzie’s door. Soon Suzie answered. She was wearing dark sunglasses.

    Bonjour,” Ophélie said. “We brought you dinner. And muffins.”

    “It’s so kind of you to think of me,” Suzie said.

    “These are for you too,” Ophélie said. She handed Suzie the bouquet.

    Très jolie!” Suzie said. “They’re beautiful. Please, come in.”

    Ophélie and Papa followed Suzie into the house. “How are your eyes?” Papa asked.

    “They’re a little sore right now. That’s why I have these,” Suzie said, tapping her sunglasses.

    “Can you see better now?” Ophélie asked.

    “It’s still a little blurry. But I should be able to see better in a few days.”

    Ophélie gave Suzie a big hug. “I’m glad you’re OK. Can we come see you again when your eyes are better?”

    “Of course. And when you see me next time, I’ll be able to see you too!” Suzie said. They all laughed.

    Ophélie was glad she could serve, like Heavenly Father wanted her to and like the prophet asked. She liked helping her friend Suzie.