Kindness at the Carnival

    “Kindness at the Carnival,” Friend, May 2019

    Kindness at the Carnival

    The authors live in Colorado and Utah, USA.

    panel story of brother and sister going to school carnival

    Illustrations by Scott Peck

    So much homework … But tomorrow I get to play with my friends.

    Mom? Nobody wants to go to the school carnival with me tomorrow.

    I just don’t have any real friends.

    I’m so sorry, sweetie.

    I wish I could help … What would Jesus do?

    I know!

    I can go with you to the carnival, if you want. I bet we’d have lots of fun together!

    But aren’t you playing with your friends tomorrow?

    Well, you are one of my friends!

    Best carnival ever!

    Kindness is one of the best gifts you can ever give.