Conference Notes

    “Conference Notes,” Friend, May 2019

    Conference Notes

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    Growing Our Faith

    President Henry B. Eyring

    President Eyring said that our faith in Jesus Christ needs nourishment, like a growing plant. He said we can feel more love in our families by praying and studying scriptures together, by preparing to serve missions, and by visiting the temple.

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    On the Lord’s Team

    Elder Gary E. Stevenson

    Elder Stevenson spoke about “playbooks” that sports teams use to make plans for their games. He said that the scriptures and words of the prophets can be like a playbook for our life. They help us know what to do in different situations.

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    Careful Covenant Keepers

    Sister Becky Craven

    Sister Craven taught us to be careful not casual about the gospel. Are we careful to watch, read, and listen to things that invite the Spirit? Are we careful about our Sabbath worship? We don’t need to be formal or stuffy, but we should carefully keep our covenants.

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    A Missionary Moment

    Elder Takashi Wada

    Elder Wada told the story of a time his mother came to church before she was baptized. A young boy noticed that she needed a hymnbook and gave one to her. That boy helped Elder Wada’s mother feel God’s love. She decided to be baptized!

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