Food & Fun

    “Food & Fun,” Friend, May 2019

    Food & Fun

    Friend Magazine, 2019/05 May

    Illustrations and photos by Mark Robison

    Maple Candy Pops

    Enjoy this Canada-inspired treat! Be sure to get an adult’s help with cooking and pouring the syrup. This recipe makes 8 maple-syrup candies.

    1 cup pure maple syrup

    7 cups crushed ice

    8 craft sticks

    1. Pour the maple syrup into a saucepan. Bring to a boil. Stir the syrup continuously until it reaches 235ºF (113ºC). Check the temperature with a candy thermometer.

    2. Move the pan off the heat. Let it sit until the bubbles stop. Be careful because the pan and syrup are hot!

    3. Pack the crushed ice into a pan. Pour thin lines of maple syrup over the crushed ice. The syrup will harden as it cools.

    4. Wind one strip of maple candy around each craft stick. Let cool completely, and then enjoy!

    Paint-Scrape Cards

    masking tape

    cardstock paper cut into rectangles

    acrylic paint, different colors

    a piece of cardboard or plastic with a straight edge

    1. Tape paper onto a flat washable surface.

    2. Drip different colors of paint onto the top of the paper.

    3. Use a piece of cardboard or plastic to press down on the paint, scraping the paint to the bottom of the paper.

    4. Wipe any paint off the cardboard or plastic before scraping paint again.

    5. Let the paper dry.

    6. Fold the painted papers in half to make cards. Then write a nice note to someone.