Jesus’s Parables

    “Jesus’s Parables,” Friend, May 2019


    Jesus’s Parables

    illustration of New Testament town

    Illustration by Neil Numberman

    Jesus taught using parables, or stories. Help the traveler find his way through this New Testament city by answering questions about what Jesus taught. Read the scripture verses if you get stuck!

    1. What tiny seed did Jesus compare to the kingdom of heaven? (See Matthew 13:31–32.)

      • Strawberry seed.

      • Mustard seed.

    2. What lost animal did Jesus use to teach about repentance? (See Luke 15:3–7.)

      • The lost camel.

      • The lost sheep.

    3. How did the good Samaritan help the injured man? (See Luke 10:30–37.)

      • He gave him first aid and brought him to an inn.

      • He shared his food and then kept walking.

    4. In the parable of the ten virgins, why did five of the women miss the wedding? (See Matthew 25:1–13.)

      • They got lost on the way.

      • They ran out of oil in their lamps.

    5. Which parable talks about how happy Heavenly Father is when someone repents? (See Luke 15:8–10.)

      • A farmer plants seeds in different soils.

      • A woman loses a coin and then finds it.