For Older Kids

    “For Older Kids,” Friend, May 2019

    For Older Kids

    collection of fun facts and challenges

    Illustrations by Mark Robison

    Brain Teaser

    People buy me to eat, but I never get eaten. What am I? (See answer below.)

    God’s Amazing World

    Did you know?

    • Africa is the only continent that touches all four hemispheres.

    • Australia is wider than the moon.

    • More than half of all the people on earth live in Asia.

    Scripture Power

    I was having a really hard time at school. I had the impression that I should read my scriptures. I did, and it helped, so I kept doing it. It helped me have a better day and a better attitude. And it helped my mind work better. I know that if we read the scriptures every day, we will be both spiritually and physically protected.

    Sarah W., age 11, Idaho, USA

    I Love to See the Temple

    Which of these temples DOESN’T have an angel Moroni? (See answer below.)

    1. Bogotá Colombia

    2. Aba Nigeria

    3. Mesa Arizona

    4. Sapporo Japan

    Tips to Grow On

    Try to spend some time outdoors every day! Fresh air and sunshine can help your mind and body be healthy.

    Art Challenge

    Draw a 3-D cube! Start with two overlapping squares. Then connect the corners.

    Answers: a plate; Mesa Arizona Temple