Conference News

    “Conference News,” Friend, May 2019

    Conference News

    temple fill-in-the-blank activity

    Priesthood Power

    An Aaronic Priesthood choir sang during the priesthood session of conference. Because so many 11-year-olds became deacons at the beginning of this year, that session was probably the largest priesthood meeting ever!

    Fun Facts

    As part of conference, leaders shared a report about how the Church is growing around the world. There are …

    • 103,100 missionaries,

    • 30,536 wards and branches,

    • 162 dedicated temples (plus 1 more soon after conference!)

    • 16.3 million Church members!

    Temple Talk

    President Nelson said some of the temples early Church pioneers built will be closed soon so they can be fixed up. He also said eight new temples will be built around the world! Find out where by putting the vowels in the names of the countries below. The colored temples can help you fill in the blanks.

    • __ = a

    • __ = e

    • __ = i

    • __ = o

    • __ = u

    • Antofagasta, Ch__l__

    • Budapest, H__ng__ry

    • Neiafu, T__ng__

    • Okinawa, J__p__n

    • Pago Pago, __m__r__c__n S__m__ __

    • Utah and Washington, __n__t__d St__t__s

    • San Pedro Sula, H__nd__r__s

    Conference Quotes

    Elder Ronald A. Rasband

    “We are safely encircled in the arms of the Savior’s love.”

    Elder Ronald A. Rasband of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

    Sister Sharon Eubank

    “You are beloved. The Lord knows how hard you are trying.”

    Sister Sharon Eubank First Counselor in the Relief Society General Presidency

    Elder David P. Homer

    “What is popular is not always what is best.”

    Elder David P. Homer of the Seventy