Mother’s Day Wreath

    “Mother’s Day Wreath,” Friend, May 2019


    Mother’s Day Wreath

    Make this for your mom or someone else you love!

    Friend Magazine, 2019/05 May

    green chenille sticks

    colored paper


    craft glue

    1. Trace and cut out lots of colored hearts. You will need four hearts of the same color and size for each flower.

    2. Write things you love about your mom, or another special person, on the paper hearts.

    3. Fold the hearts in half. Then glue half of one heart to the back of another heart. Then add two more hearts to make a flower.

    4. Cut out leaves from green paper.

    5. Twist chenille sticks together to make a circle.

    6. Glue the heart flowers and leaves to the circle. Pinch them in place until they stick.

    7. Give it to your mom or another special person to hang as a wreath or wear as a crown!