The Scriptures Are Special Books
January 2019

“The Scriptures Are Special Books,” Friend, January 2019

The Scriptures Are Special Books

rebus story about girl reading Book of Mormon

Illustrations by Barbara Bongini

Camila is learning to read. She loves books! Camila likes books about robots. Camila likes books about ladybugs. But there are some books that Camila loves most of all. They are the scriptures! The scriptures are special books. The scriptures tell us about Jesus. The scriptures teach us about the commandments. When Camila reads the scriptures with her family, she feels happy inside. What is your favorite story from the scriptures? When you read the scriptures, you can feel happy inside too!

Count the Books

Look at the bookcase at Camila’s house. How many red books can you see? How many blue books? How many yellow books? How many green books? Circle the scriptures that Camila reads with her family.