Matt and Mandy
January 2019

“Matt and Mandy,” Friend, January 2019

Matt and Mandy

Matt and Mandy talking

Illustrations by Matt Sweeney

Hey, we just got an email from Margo and Paolo. Guess where they are now.

A space shuttle? Mars? Jupiter’s ice moon, Europa?


Well, you told me to guess!

They’re in the Philippines!

Wow, their parents’ work sure takes them all over the world. That’s exciting for them, but I still miss them.

Yeah, I loved it when we lived in the same ward, because … Wait! Look at this!

That’s great news!

Margo and Paolo are going to share their adventures every month!

Hmmm, “Margo and Paolo” sounds a lot like Marco Polo. He was a famous traveler too.

Wonder if they’ll meet any of my friends. Rubber Ducky would love that.

See Margo and Paolo on page 14 in this issue.