Friends by Mail
January 2019

“Friends by Mail,” Friend, January 2019

Friends by Mail

collection of quotes and photos of kids

One Shot at a Time

I liked the story “One Shot at a Time” (May 2018). I think that it was cool that missionaries got to play basketball and then got to teach about the Church afterward at the stadium. It was also interesting that they influenced other members to teach people about the Church even if they weren’t missionaries.

Zach G., age 12, Ohio, USA

Worry-Free Sleep

Every night, I read the Friend before sleeping. Whenever I read it, I feel happy and my worries go away. It has helped me when I have worries. Thank you for the Friend!

Jehee C., age 11, Alberta, Canada

One in a Million

I like to watch One in a Million videos on children.lds.org to learn about children from around the world. I go to church with my tío and tía (uncle and aunt).

Emmanuel R., age 6, California, USA

How I Read the Friend

I took a copy of the Friend on a trip to Lake Powell in Utah. I read it in front of Hole-in-the-Rock, which is where early pioneers crossed the Colorado River.

Zoe M., age 8, Utah, USA

Dear Friends,

Have you ever heard someone talk about ministering? It’s a word that means being kind and helping others, like Jesus would. This year we want you to help our Kindness Garden grow (page 3)! We also want to help you and your family learn more about the New Testament. Turn to page 24 for a scripture reading chart!

We love you!

The Friend