Seeds of Faith
January 2019

“Seeds of Faith,” Friend, January 2019

Seeds of Faith

planting seed activity

Illustrations by Mariona Cabassa

The prophet Alma compared growing your faith to planting a seed (see Alma 32). When you pray, read the scriptures, and help others, your faith and testimony will grow! Try this experiment to watch a seed sprout.

What You Will Need:

dry bean (any kind)

paper towels or tissues

clear, sealable plastic bag

  1. Place wet paper towels or tissues inside a plastic bag. Place the bean on top and seal the bag.

  2. Leave the bag in a sunny place. After about a week, the bean should begin to sprout!

  3. Let the plant keep growing for a while. When you see roots, plant the sprout in soil. Give it water and sunlight and see how big it grows!

Plant Match

Everyone’s testimony grows differently. Can you match each plant with its shadow?