Show and Tell
January 2019

“Show and Tell,” Friend, January 2019

Show and Tell

Friend Magazine, 2019/01 Jan

Senior Primary children in Greater Manchester, England, wrote their own verse about President Russell M. Nelson for the song “Follow the Prophet.”

Russell is a prophet,

Baptised at sixteen.

His parents were less active;

He was very keen.

He became a doctor,

Doctor of the heart.

Building many temples,

He has made a start.

When I was 2 1/2 years old, my family moved. For my birthday, my family and I went back to Guatemala for my baptism. I was so happy to be with so many of my family on that special day.

Aneli T., age 8, Ontario, Canada

The Lizard

A lizard is a timid thing.

It can’t fly or sing.

It hunts for bugs on the floor.

And looks like a dinosaur.

Kamrie G., age 12, Kansas, USA

If I see a bad word on a website, I close the page immediately.

Brycen J., age 8, Minnesota, USA

My uncle Keith has been really sick. I decided that I should fast for him on fast Sunday. On that Sunday he had the strength to go to church. On the next fast Sunday, I fasted for him again. I know that fasting can help the person that you fast for.

Isaac E., age 11, Colorado, USA

I asked a girl at recess if I could play with her. She told me to go away. The same thing happened the next week. I went to her house to give her some hair bows and pudding. The next day she said I could play with her. I followed Jesus’s example by being nice to someone who was mean to me, and I gained a friend!

Liam T., age 8, Idaho, USA

I did a family home evening!

Michael L., age 11, Texas, USA

There was a new boy in my class in school who couldn’t speak English. In the computer lab, I sat next to him and helped him with the assignment we were given. I felt good after I helped him.

Bella G., age 11, Arizona, USA

I am the oldest kid in Primary, and everyone looks up to me, so I act reverent.

Nicholas F., age 11, Idaho, USA

I am getting older, so I have been getting mean a lot more. I prayed and asked Heavenly Father if He could help me. I felt a good feeling inside.

Megan T., age 10, Georgia, USA