President Ballard Visits Texas, USA
January 2019

“President Ballard Visits Texas, USA,” Friend, January 2019

Apostles around the World

President Ballard Visits Texas, USA

The Apostles travel around the world to minister to people and teach them about Jesus Christ.

President M. Russell Ballard
photos of President Ballard visiting Texas

Photographs from Church News; illustrations by Adam Koford

When a big storm called Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, Texas, USA, many people’s homes were flooded or destroyed. President M. Russell Ballard flew there to help!

As soon as his plane landed, he went straight to the command center where the Church collected supplies and sent out Helping Hands volunteers.

Then he visited neighborhoods where many homes were flooded. Some of the streets were blocked, so he walked from house to house. He listened to people and shared Heavenly Father’s love with them.

He met missionaries and other Church members who were helping.

He spoke in a devotional and three sacrament meetings so he could share Heavenly Father’s love with lots of people!

When he met an elderly man whose home was damaged, President Ballard said:

I’m one of the Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. … We want you to know we love you. And we’re here because Jesus Christ would want us to be here.

What Does It Mean to Minister?

Ministering means serving and loving. Jesus Christ ministered to others, and so do His Apostles. How are the people below ministering?

How can you help someone today?