Hello from the Philippines!
January 2019

“Hello from the Philippines!” Friend, January 2019

Hello from the Philippines!

I’m Paolo. And I’m Margo. This year we’re traveling to meet other children around the world. Join us as we visit the Philippines!

photos of places and people in the Philippines

Photograph of Jeepney from Getty Images; illustrations by Katie McDee

About a hundred million people live in the Philippines, along with a lot of interesting animals!

Eight major languages are spoken in the Philippines. This Book of Mormon is printed in a language called Cebuano.

How do you get to church? Some Filipino families ride jeepneys to get around!

This is a CTR ring in a Filipino language called Tagalog. Here’s how to say “choose the right”: piliin ang tama.

The Philippines has two temples—one in Cebu City and one in Manila. Soon there will be three more!

Filipino children play a game called luksong tinik, or “jumping over thorns.” One or two children sit on the floor and stack their feet and hands on top of each other. Then other kids try to jump over without touching the stack.

Meet some of our friends from the Philippines!

I always look forward to our evening family scripture reading. I feel good every time I read the scriptures.

Lanneah D., age 10, Central Luzon, Philippines

When I was first learning to read, I felt sad because I could not read fast. My parents and sister helped me, and now I’m excited to read the scriptures.

Acumen D., age 7, Central Luzon, Philippines

Are you from the Philippines? Write to us! We’d love to hear from you.

Thanks for exploring the Philippines with us! Now we’re off to Mexico!