For Parents of Little Ones
January 2019

“For Parents of Little Ones,” Friend, January 2019

For Parents of Little Ones

collection of quotes from parents

Family scripture study can be a powerful force for good in our homes. This year we’ve been invited to study the New Testament together using Come, Follow Me for families. But it can be so hard to study the scriptures with young children! To help, we’ll give you an illustrated scripture story in Friend Junior each month. Here are a few other ideas:

“In our family, we light a candle as we read scriptures together each morning. It is our way of remembering that family scripture study is a special time. When we finish reading, our children take turns blowing out the candle.” —Julie B.

“Try the three Rs: read the scripture story with your children, role-play the story with simple props and costumes, and repeat as many times as needed so everyone can have a turn being who they want to be in the story.”—MaryEllen V.

“Keep it super short if you need to. Our family reads only a few verses each night. It took us years to get through the Book of Mormon the first time, but now it’s a solid part of our family’s bedtime routine.” —Madelyn B.