What’s on Your Mind?
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“What’s on Your Mind?” Friend, August 2018

What’s on Your Mind?

I feel scared when I hear about bad or scary things happening. What can I do to feel better? —Scared in Saskatchewan

Friend Magazine, 2018/08 Aug

Illustrations by Adam Koford

Dear Scared,

When something scary happens, you can turn to Heavenly Father in prayer, to the scriptures, and to a grown-up you trust. All of these can help you feel peace. Serving others can also help the Holy Ghost bring you peace. Here are a few ideas for serving others. Put your own ideas in the blank spaces!

I see …

I can …

A sick family member

Make them a card or share a talent

A story about a terrorist attack

Pray for the people who were hurt

A natural disaster

Donate to the Church humanitarian fund or other service projects

People who need help in my neighborhood

Plan a service activity with your family. (Go to JustServe.org for ideas.)

Someone being bullied

Walk them away from the bully and tell an adult

What’s on Your Mind?

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