A Shining Testimony

    “A Shining Testimony,” Friend, August 2018

    Shine Your Light

    A Shining Testimony

    pictures of Steffani with friends in Sri Lanka

    Hi! My name is Steffani! I try to shine my light by sharing my testimony.

    A Beautiful Island

    I live in Sri Lanka. It’s a beautiful island country near the southern tip of India. We have tropical forests, an aqua blue sea, and ancient historical ruins. I love my country!

    Friends from Everywhere

    My school has children from many countries. Some are Christian, Muslim, Hindu, or Buddhist. We are all kind and friendly to each other.

    1. A Scary Invitation

    One day the Christian students at my school had a special assembly. We were invited to share our testimonies. A hush fell over the room. No one went up to the stage. Everyone was too afraid! I am very shy, so I felt that way too.

    2. “Go, Go”

    Then a warm wave flowed over me, and I felt the Holy Ghost tell me, “Go, go.” I said a quick prayer in my heart. I walked up to the stage with butterflies fluttering in my stomach.

    3. Sharing My Testimony

    I told my classmates that Heavenly Father loves us and wants us to talk to Him often. I shared my experiences with prayer. I said I know Heavenly Father always listens to me and wants to help me. I was glad I had the courage to share my testimony. I felt like I had been a shining light in a quiet room.

    4. Go and Do

    My favorite scripture story is in the Book of Mormon, where Nephi says he will go and do what the Lord commands. I hope I can always have courage to do what Heavenly Father needs me to do.

    Send Us a Star!

    Jesus asked us to “let [our] light so shine” (Matthew 5:16). How do you let your light shine? Send us a star with your story, photo, and permission. See page 39.