David Trusted God
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“David Trusted God,” Friend, August 2018

Old Testament Heroes

David Trusted God

Friend Magazine, 2018/08 Aug

Illustration by Dilleen Marsh

The Israelites and the Philistines were at war. A giant Philistine soldier named Goliath said that if anyone could beat him, the war would end. But no one was brave enough to fight him. David was an Israelite shepherd boy. He said he would fight Goliath. He knew God would help him. God had helped him before, like when he had fought a lion and a bear to protect his sheep. David didn’t wear armor like Goliath did. Instead, he used a sling and stones. With God’s help, he defeated Goliath! David later became a king.


Young David trusted God and did hard things, and I can too!

  • Next time something hard or scary happens, pray and ask God for help.

  • Watch chapters 27–29 of the Old Testament stories at scripturestories.lds.org.

  • Write in your journal about a time when God helped you do something hard.

  • I will ask God to help me with …