Friends by Mail

    “Friends by Mail,” Friend, August 2018

    Friends by Mail

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    Calming Glitter Bottle

    Family home evening is a blessing in our home, and we use the Friend to plan our lessons. We talked about what to do when feeling angry or upset. We made glitter bottles that were suggested as a way to calm down (Feb. 2018).

    TianYue, HanYang, and KaiXing G., ages 7, 3, and 10, Oregon, USA

    Family History Quest

    Thank you so much for the Friend! I saw the Family History Quest (Jan. 2018), and I love it! I am using this for a 10-hour project for Personal Progress.

    Paige K., age 12, British Columbia, Canada

    Shine Your Light!

    Thanks for sending in your stars! Keep them coming. Turn to page 39 to see how.

    Dear Friends,

    Primary is celebrating its 140th birthday this month! Read about it on pages 2–3 and 10. What is your favorite part of Primary? This month you could invite someone to visit Primary with you, or try extra hard to make others feel welcome. Your love can make Primary even better!

    Primary needs you,

    The Friend