President Nelson Loves Primary Children!
August 2018

“President Nelson Loves Primary Children!” Friend, August 2018

From the First Presidency

President Nelson Loves Primary Children!

pictures of President Nelson with children around the world

Illustrations by Ashley Teare, Brandon Dorman, and Brooklyn Walker

The Primary turns 140 years old this month! President Nelson was once a child of Primary age, just like you. Now he teaches children to choose the right. In April, President Nelson visited Primary children around the world!

President Nelson met children in Bangkok, Thailand, where a new temple will be built soon. He told people how much the temple will bless their country.

Can you imagine shaking hands with the prophet and his wife? These boys met President and Sister Nelson in London, England.

Many families went to hear President Nelson speak in Nairobi, Kenya. A new temple will be built in Kenya too!

These girls saw President Nelson in Nairobi, Kenya.

Happy Birthday, Primary!

Finish the sentences below. Then use the words to fill in the puzzle. Check answers below.

  1. Sister Aurelia Spencer Rogers first came up with the idea for Primary to help teach _________________________ in her neighborhood.

  2. President John Taylor was the prophet in 1878, when the _________________________ was organized.

  3. Sister _________________________, who came up with the idea for Primary, was the first Primary president.

  4. At first, Primary meetings were held on _________________________ afternoons.

  5. Back then, children went to Primary until they were _________________________ years old—two years longer than children stay in Primary today.

  6. Primary started with 215 children. Now there are about one _________________________ Primary children all over the world!

Primary Wristband

Here’s a wristband to cut out and wear. Primary will help you learn about and follow Jesus. And Primary needs you and your talents!

Primary Is Awesome

Answers: 1-children, 2-Primary, 3-Rogers, 4-Saturday, 5-fourteen, 6-million