Wally’s Wiggles

“Wally’s Wiggles,” Friend, August 2018

Wally’s Wiggles

The author lives in Colorado, USA.

Friend Magazine, 2018/08 Aug

Illustrations by Ben Simonsen

Wally wanted to sit still in sacrament meeting. He did. Really. But it was hard.

He wiggled.

He squirmed.

He bounced.

Mommy put her hand on Wally’s shoulder. “This is Heavenly Father’s house,” she whispered. “We need to be reverent.”

Wally sat still. For a minute. Then he wiggled again. How could he beat the wiggles?

Wally looked at Robby. Robby was his little brother. Robby was two years old.

Robby had the wiggles too. When you are two, the wiggles are even worse.

Wally whispered, “Robby, let’s look at your book.” It was a picture book. It was about Jesus.

Wally opened the book. Robby saw a picture of Jesus. Robby smiled.

“Jesus,” Robby said.

Wally nodded. “Let’s think about Jesus,” he whispered.

Robby was quiet. And Wally’s wiggles went away.