Puddles and Blessings
August 2018

“Puddles and Blessings,” Friend, August 2018

Puddles and Blessings

The authors live in Utah, USA.

a boy going on a walk and jumping in puddles

Illustrations by Julissa Mora

Do we really have to go on a hike with the young women?

Yep. I’m going because of my calling. And I need you to come with me.

But it’s raining! And the rain here isn’t warm like where I used to live.

I bet something good will happen. After all, obeying our parents brings us blessings.

Why should I obey her? She’s not even my birth mom.

The trail will be too slippery.

What if we hike around the neighborhood instead?

Good idea.


Hey, Marcel!

Noah? You’re going on the hike?

Yeah! I’m here with my mom too. Are you going?


Watch me jump in this puddle!

That was awesome! What about this?

Pretty good. I give you an 8 out of 10.

OK! Your turn.

That splash was tiny! 2 out of 10.

It looked like you had fun on our walk. How was it?

You were right about obeying, Mom. Something good did happen!