Show and Tell
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“Show and Tell,” Friend, August 2018

Show and Tell

Friend Magazine, 2018/08 Aug

When I am afraid

The Holy Ghost can help me

So I can be brave.

Ammon N., age 7, Washington, USA

When me and my grandma take out the trash, we practice memorizing the Articles of Faith!

Sophie A., age 7, Indiana, USA

I try to be a good example to my younger brothers and sisters.

Samuel B., age 8, Somerset, England

I like to help my dad with the bees and beehives we have in our front yard!

Evolette J., age 8, Alberta, Canada

I was nervous starting Cub Scouts, so I invited my friend to come with me. I am a missionary just like my older brothers!

William T., age 10, Alberta, Canada

I was racing my sister on our bikes when I felt the urge to stop and pull over on the grass. Then a huge truck came speeding by. I’m grateful I listened to the promptings from the Holy Ghost.

John H., age 9, Suffolk, England

After I was baptized with my family, a new branch was opened, and it is close enough for us to walk to church!

Anita Y., age 10, Liberia

My friends and I went to see our friend Ruth from church. We brought carrot cake and flowers and sang Primary songs to her. It made us all happy!

Elizabeth G., age 6, Missouri, USA

When it was my turn to say family prayers, I felt prompted to pray for my uncle. I didn’t know that he was going to have surgery. I felt a warm feeling inside when I found out.

Helene L., age 8, Virginia, USA

I shine my light by sharing my toys.

Henry C., age 5, Georgia, USA