Joseph Forgives His Brothers
May 2018

“Joseph Forgives His Brothers,” Friend, May 2018

Scripture Stories

Joseph Forgives His Brothers

From Genesis 42, 45

Joseph in Egypt, page 1
Joseph in Egypt, page 2
Joseph in Egypt, page 3

Illustrations by Apryl Stott

Joseph was a leader in Egypt when a famine came. There wasn’t much to eat. Far away, Joseph’s family was hungry. They traveled to Egypt to find food.

Joseph saw his brothers. But his brothers didn’t recognize him! Joseph asked if their father was still alive, and they said yes.

Joseph saw that his brothers had become nicer people. They took care of their younger brother, Benjamin. They cared about each other.

Joseph told his brothers who he really was. They could hardly believe it! Joseph and his brothers cried with happiness. Joseph forgave them for selling him as a slave. He said God led him to Egypt to save them from the famine.

I can be like Joseph. I can love my family and forgive others.