Lucy Leads the Way
May 2018

“Lucy Leads the Way,” Friend, May 2018

Lucy Leads the Way

Here’s a play about Joseph Smith’s mother, Lucy Mack Smith. This story happened in May 1831, 187 years ago!

pioneers, traveling on a boat

Illustration by Mark Robison


  • Narrator

  • Lucy Mack Smith

  • Boat captain

  • Two or more Church members

  • One or more townspeople

  • Several people to hide under the “ice” (optional)


  • A cardboard “boat” big enough for several people to stand behind

  • Two white sheets, for the “ice” (optional)

[The boat captain sits near the boat. The narrator enters.]

Narrator: In the spring of 1831, groups of Church members traveled by boat from New York to Ohio. Lucy Mack Smith, the mother of the prophet Joseph Smith, led one of the groups.

[Lucy Mack Smith leads the Church members onstage.]

Lucy Mack Smith: Brothers and sisters, we have set out just as Father Lehi did to travel to a land that the Lord will show unto us if we are faithful. I want you all to lift your hearts to God in prayer continually that we may be prospered.

[They all get on the boat with the captain.]

Narrator: Lucy’s group traveled safely on the Erie Canal. But when they got to Lake Erie, the harbor was frozen!

[Sheets of “ice” block the boat.]

Captain (pointing to the ice): When will this ice melt? We can’t sail until it has melted.

Church member 1: We’ll never make it to Ohio!

[The townspeople enter and see the Church members.]

Church member 2: Look! Maybe those people can help us find a place to stay until the ice melts.

Townsperson 1: Good day. Who are all of you?

Church member 1 (speaking quietly, to Lucy Mack Smith): Don’t tell them who we are. Some people treat us badly because of our beliefs.

Lucy Mack Smith: I am Lucy Mack Smith, and we are members of the true Church of Jesus Christ restored to the earth.

Townsperson 2 (calling from below the boat): I have a question for you. Is the Book of Mormon true?

Lucy Mack Smith: That book was brought forth by the power of God and translated by the same power. It is true!

[Lucy Mack Smith continues talking silently and gesturing to the townspeople.]

Church member 1: Will we ever have a comfortable home again?

Church member 2: Not if we’re stuck here on this frozen harbor.

Lucy Mack Smith: Friends, let us trust God. He will provide.

Lucy Mack Smith (turning to the Saints on the boat): Brothers and sisters, if you will all raise your desires to heaven that the ice will let us through, as sure as the Lord lives it shall be done.

[Lucy Mack Smith and the Church members pray together.]

Narrator: Just then a noise like thunder was heard.

[Kids playing the part of the ice stamp their feet loudly and pull the two “sheets” of ice offstage.]

Church member 1: Look! The ice is breaking!

Captain: Everyone to your post. Let’s get this boat moving!

Lucy Mack Smith: Soon we’ll be with the Saints in Ohio!

[The Saints cheer, and the boat starts moving forward.]

Narrator: After the boat sailed through, the ice closed again, and other boats had to wait. But Lucy and her boat sailed across Lake Erie and reached Ohio safely a few days later.