Helping on the Farm
May 2018

“Helping on the Farm,” Friend, May 2018

Helping on the Farm

rebus of boy helping on the farm

Illustrations by Aubrie Moyer

The farm is busy today! Liam uses his hands to give the rabbits their food. He feels their soft fur with his fingers. Then Liam’s eyes spot some tools that need to be put away. He makes sure the shovel and hammer go in their right places in the barn. Liam hears Mom calling! His ears listen. Mom is going to make breakfast. She asks Liam to crack eggs into a bowl. Liam is glad he can use his hands, eyes, and ears to help!

Every Body Is Beautiful

Bodies come in all colors, shapes, and sizes. All bodies are beautiful gifts from God. Look at the children below. What do all of these children have in common? (For example, they all have eyes.) What is different?