Best Buddies
May 2018

“Best Buddies,” Friend, May 2018

Best Buddies

a girl pushing her friend in a wheelchair

Illustrations by Jared Mathews

Will and Anna are best friends. At recess, they play tag. Anna pushes Will’s wheelchair. They chase the other kids. Will reaches his hand out to tag them. Recess is lots of fun!

Sometimes it takes Will a long time to say his words. But Anna listens. She wants to hear what Will says.

Will listens to Anna’s silly jokes.

“What’s a pirate’s favorite letter?” Anna asks.

Will smiles and shakes his head.

Arrr!” Anna says.

Will laughs. He makes a pirate hook with his finger.

“What music are balloons scared of?” Anna asks.

“What?” says Will.

“Pop music!”

Anna and Will laugh and laugh.

At lunch, Anna and Will eat together. Will has a helper. She helps him eat his lunch. Anna likes to talk with her too. Will’s favorite food is peanut butter. Anna’s favorite food is apples. The best food is peanut butter and apples together!

Sometimes Will and Anna play after school. They like to build with blocks. Will builds tall towers. Anna builds castles. Together they build lots of fun things!

Will has a hard time stacking the blocks. But he keeps trying. Anna finds red blocks for him. Red is Will’s favorite color.

Sometimes Will’s arms move funny. But it’s OK. Anna doesn’t mind. Sometimes she knocks a tower over. Whoops! But Will doesn’t mind.

Will and Anna are best friends. They help each other. Will likes to make Anna smile. Anna likes to make Will smile. They are happy to be friends.

Will is a child of God, and Anna is a child of God. God loves them. He is happy they are friends too.