Show and Tell: Conference!
May 2018

“Show and Tell: Conference!” Friend, May 2018

Show and Tell: Conference!

collection of quotes and art from kids

Jared D., age 11, Idaho, USA, and Lucy B., age 11, New Mexico, USA, both built temples while listening to general conference!

The Mukotone family, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, watched some of conference on a cell phone. Because of the time difference between Utah and Tanzania, they usually watch the entire conference a week later at church.

Primary children in Maharashtra, India, are excited a temple will be built in their country! Jason S., age 10, said, “It is very precious to have a house of God. Now going to the temple will be much easier!” Joel S., age 8, said, “I have never seen a temple. I want to live close to the temple so I can see it every day.” Abel A., age 8, said he and his family prayed for a temple to be built in India. They want to visit the temple every holiday!

It was fun to find out who the new Apostles are. I liked stand-ing up with everyone to sustain our new prophet.

Maddi W., age 9, Ohio, USA

I liked Sister Aburto’s talk about butterflies and how it’s like they’re traveling back to heaven.

Annie P., age 6, Leinster, Ireland

During conference, I feel something very strong in my heart. It is the Holy Spirit.

André, age 6, São Paulo, Brazil

My favourite part about conference was when Elder Gong talked about how he used to put his kids to bed and sing his funny song.

Nate H., age 9, Alberta, Canada

Sustaining a prophet in general conference is such an opportunity and privilege. No matter where you are, it is still a privilege.

Christina K., age 10, New South Wales, Australia

I love general conference. Everyone is always happy and smiling! It makes me happy too.

Serenity V., age 8, Eastern Cape, South Africa

Even though it’s hard for me to sit still, I love to hear the prophet speak.

Talmage R., age 6, Georgia, USA