Joseph Trusted God

    “Joseph Trusted God,” Friend, April 2018

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    Joseph Trusted God

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    Joseph Trusted God, 3

    Illustrations by Apryl Stott

    Joseph had 11 brothers. His father gave him a beautiful, colorful coat. God told Joseph that he would lead his brothers.

    Joseph’s older brothers were angry. They didn’t want Joseph to be their leader! They sold him to people going to Egypt, and he became a slave.

    Joseph worked hard. He made good choices, even when people lied about him and put him in prison.

    Even during the hard times, Joseph trusted God. And God was with Joseph. Joseph became a leader in Egypt! When he got older, he helped lead his family, just like God said he would.

    I can trust God like Joseph did. I can choose the right. God will be with me no matter what.