What’s on Your Mind?

“What’s on Your Mind?” Friend, February 2018

What’s on Your Mind?

Sometimes I get really mad! What can I do? —Mad in Melbourne

Friend Magazine, 2018/02 Feb

Illustrations by Garth Bruner

Dear Mad,

Here are some things you should know about feeling angry—plus some ideas to try next time you’re upset.

Keep trying!

The Friend

Get the Facts

Fact 1: Feeling angry doesn’t mean you’re bad. Sometimes those feelings are a signal to do something positive to feel better. Try the ideas on this page the next time you need to chill out.

Fact 2: Heavenly Father always loves you and understands your feelings. You can pray and tell Him about your feelings anytime. The Holy Ghost can comfort you and help you feel calm.

Fact 3: It’s never OK to hurt someone when you’re angry—with your words or your body. If you’re mad at someone, try talking with them and finding a solution. If someone is hurting you, make sure you get help right away.

Strike a Pose

The way we move can change how we feel. Try this next time you’re upset!

  1. Stand like a superhero

  2. Breathe in and stretch up high

  3. Breathe out slowly and reach for the ground

  4. Repeat!

When I’m Angry, I Can …

Talk to someone about how I feel

Pray for help to calm down

Run, dance, or play a sport

Write in my journal

Count backwards from 100

Draw a picture

Use my calming glitter bottle

Idea: _______________________________________

Idea: _______________________________________

Make a Calming Glitter Bottle

When you’re upset and want to feel calm, shake the bottle. Then breathe deeply. As you watch the glitter settle, let your feelings settle too.

  1. Fill a plastic bottle with water. Leave a little room at the top.

  2. Add lots of fine glitter.

  3. Add clear glue if you want the glitter to move more slowly.

  4. Glue or tape the lid tightly closed. It’s ready to shake!

Let It Drift Away

Here’s something you can try while watching your calming glitter bottle.

  • Sit or lie in a comfy position. Breathe in so your stomach expands like a balloon. Breathe out slowly. Try doing this five times.

  • Imagine your angry thoughts turning into clouds. As you breathe, let the thoughts drift away.

  • If new angry thoughts come, watch them turn into clouds and drift away too.