The Plan of Happiness

“The Plan of Happiness,” Friend, February 2018

The Plan of Happiness

Friend Magazine, 2018/02 Feb

Illustrations by Adam Koford

Cut, glue backs together, and staple to make a booklet.

  1. Before I was born, I lived as a spirit with my Heavenly Parents. Heavenly Father told us He had a plan to help us learn and grow. I was so happy!

  2. Jesus Christ volunteered to be my Savior. He came to earth and set a perfect example for me. He paid for my sins. He knows what my troubles feel like and can help me. I love Jesus!

  3. I was born on this beautiful earth. I got a body! My spirit and body work together as I learn. Every day, I try to follow Jesus by being kind.

  4. I follow Jesus by being baptized. I promise to keep the commandments. Heavenly Father promises the Holy Ghost will help me. When I do something wrong, I can repent and try again next time. This is how I learn and grow!

  5. Even though I’m far from my Heavenly Parents and Jesus Christ, I can still feel close to Them. I can pray to Heavenly Father anytime. I can read the scriptures. One day I can go to the temple and learn more about God’s plan for me.

  6. Death is part of Heavenly Father’s plan. When I die, my body will stay on earth and my spirit will go to the spirit world. My spirit will be with my family and friends who have already died.

  7. Someday I will be resurrected. That means my body and spirit will come back together. I will see Jesus again! I can live with my family and Heavenly Parents forever. I’m so grateful for the plan of happiness!