Caring for the Earth
February 2018

“Caring for the Earth,” Friend, February 2018

Caring for the Earth

The authors live in Utah, USA.

Caring for the Earth

Illustration by Katie McDee

Heavenly Father created a wonderful earth for us. We can help take care of the earth and keep it beautiful.

I wonder how we can help take care of the earth?

I dunno. The earth is pretty big. …

Well, maybe we don’t have to take care of all of it at once.

Yeah, maybe we can do something in our neighborhood.

The next day …

Guess what! My mom said she needs help weeding our garden.

Awesome! And my dad said we can ask some neighbors if they have stuff we can recycle.

Is this one a weed?

No, it’s a strawberry plant.

Hi, Mrs. Marsdon. Do you have anything we can recycle?

What a great idea! I have some magazines you can take.

What next?

Let’s pick up trash at the park! I’ll get my dad.

I’m proud of you two. You’re helping take care of Heavenly Father’s creations.

We’re friends of the earth!